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Do I even need words? XD
That's All. Up for grabs if you want it :)

Edit: fairykingaub  made a better one :D

Yikes man. People are mean.. *sigh* If I didn't love hetalia so much i'd totally leave the hetalia community. :/ but what can you do right? I guess it's my bad, but I deleted the post. ugh.. i'm really not in a good mood anymore.

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wut. Vic.. was that him?
I don't even know what happened it was so fast.

Me neither :P
I think he was just being an asshole...I really don't think that was actually him...I think.

Oh, ok he was a poser....
That was strange though.

Riight? I was so confused! you really think if it was actually him, he'd say something like, "We should talk about something more serious, like how I'm going to be in the hetalia dub" ? It sounds a little conceited :/ you'd think he'd actually post something about it if that were the case...

Wish, that's like, wierd O_o.
Interests: (wtf)
it's a poserfile.

Haha I know! ^_^;
*sigh* I don't understand people at all.

Imagine that was his real LJ?
I'd never think people would go to such lengths to troll us...

Oh gosh. Haha, I'd cry...not that i'm not crying already lol
Yeah, like I said, was probably some giant asshole ^_^ and it totally was. Hmm I was going to post that I didn't like dubs that much anyway and not flatter himself, but..I deleted the whole thing instead.

Good thing, you avoided a computer breaking rage of gif posting.
Enuf said.
Even if it was him, he shouldn't tell us anything.

Yeah tell me about it. People got all crazy! TT_TT
Hahaha right?! xD Kukuku Americaaa <3 "that was top secret you know?"

"Oh haha right!"

Lol maybe it might turn out to be true.
I don't really want him to be America...

me neither T_T
Hmmm who do you think would make a good America?

Mmm... I think I'd like it better if he wasn't too well known.. But not like, "so new he has no experience and he sux"...
But based on what I've heard from him recently, I think it would be okay if he used a lower-mature voice.

I agree. It has to be slightly annoying, but a lovable kind annoying you know? It'd be super creepy if he had a smooth manly voice lol

XD not GerMANy-like.
Pff... Not cowboy either... Even if he IS a cowboy, no cowboy. Plz.
I heard a guy once... He sounded... Perfect for America...
But I dunno... That was either IRL on in my dreams.

Oh yeah jeez, haha if he had a funky accent lol
Poor America. Hmm I can't think of anyone perfect for America. I mean, I don't really like dubs anyway but...I really hope it's a good cast.

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