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[FanFic] I Can Give You Gatsby
Title: I Can Give You Gatsby
Author: Ninjasneaky <3
Characters: America, France, Greece, Russia, Austria, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, England, Canada, China, Prussia, Italy, Romano, Finland
AmericaxEngland, ItalyxGermany, SpainxRomano, SwedenxFinland, and you can choose others. Read to understand.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex <3, Perverted theme, vibrating condom?, LOTS of humor, some romance and fluff here and there, pics and video included! :)
Summary: All the ukes of the nations sat and watched the new commercial in utter amazement. What was this Gatsby Moving Rubber? If you looked closely enough, a tiny bit of drool escaped all of their mouths on the left side. Dazed and hearts beating, they fidgeted just thinking about the next time they would meet their partners.

I Can Give You Gatsby

“Iggy!~” ding dong ding dong.

Ah. That all too familiar voice made it's way to England's ears. The Brit slowly got up from the bed where he was reading comfortably, went downstairs, and opened the door to greet his lover.

“--and then I was like totally! I'll do it for sure! Hey, are you listening?”

“Could you at least make your way through the front door and settle down before you start talking?” England said with a sigh as he loosened the young American's tie. The other simply smiled at this and leaned down to give England a peck on the lips. Any former agitation the Brit had for the other was gone in an instant and his frown was replaced with a small smile. Once America got all of his things situated for the weekend, he began his story again. “So like I was saying, I was with France and the others and we all got asked to be in this commercial! I'm so excited! Filming starts on Monday!”

England raised his eyebrow at this. “France and the others? Who are the others? And what's the commercial advertising?” America stopped to think. “Well, there was France, Russia, Greece, Austria, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, and Spain.” he chirped happily. England's face at this point in time was something along the lines of the face one would make should someone actually put you at gunpoint and tell you that the only way you'd survive is if you solved a math problem for them. “What the bloody hell were all of you doing together?” As far as England was concerned, an eclectic mix of people like that only got together for one reason, a world meeting, and seeing as he wasn't there, he couldn't for the life of him put the pieces together. America laughed loud an hearty,

“We were hangin' out! Duh!” England was so confused.

“Since when did all of you start to hang out?!”

“Hm, a while ago I guess. We're drinking buddies!”

The British man pictured this in his head and it came out looking like bunch of idiot bachelors at a bar in college like all of America's stupid teen movies. “You've got to be bloody kidding me...”

“Anyways, we we're having a blast at my place in Vegas, when this sketchy lookin' guy was like, 'You boys are pretty good lookin' how about you be in a commercial for me?' France totally jumped on it and convinced us to do it. He even convinced Austria, which was really something! Oh gosh, Germany's face was so funny! He was totally going to object, but we had already signed for him!”

England had to admit, he was definitely worried. Who actually agrees to just follow some sketchy guy who asks you to be in a commercial?! Oh, that's right, America and his bloody drinking buddies do!

“America, I'm not too sure about this--”

“Don't worry Iggy! We'll be alright! Make me some dinner okay? I missed you a lot so I'm even willing to eat your disgusting food~” He said this as he began to walk away and up the stairs. “Wait a minute! America!” England just watched helplessly as the other nation disappeared up the stairs. “Dammit, you didn't even tell me what the commercial is supposed to advertise!”

Within seconds England grabbed his phone and practically smashed his keyboard into tiny pieces dialing France's number in.

“Bonjour~ <3”

“France you bloody bastard! What did you get America into?!”

“Oh mon dieu, mon impolitesse! I have no idea what you're talking about.”

“Don't gimmie that crap you frog! What the hell is this commercial he keeps talking about?”

“Ah, oui oui. The Gastby commercial?~”

Judging by France's cute chuckle and the sweet tone of his voice, England could only guess.

“You pervert! What the hell?! You better not ruin his reputation!”

 “Oh~? Protective of your lover much? Have no fear mon amour, your precious cheri shall go unharmed, I promise!”

England hung up, rubbed his temples at the coming headache, and sighed a long exasperated sigh. Gatsby? What the hell is a Gatsby? Curious, England walked over to his study and opened up his laptop. The screen lit up and he opened up the internet browser and typed in 'Gatsby product'. He didn't need to look for long before he slammed his laptop shut.


A week had passed and the rumor had finally gotten around about this Gatsby Moving Rubber commercial. It seemed that nobody really knew what the product was, but the name gave people plenty of ideas. America had even told England about how they had to wear the product for the commercial which sent the Brit's mind deep into the gutter. The worst part for England, and the one that he had the most trouble with, was that this product was made in Japan! Of all places! Who knew...

Ah! England!”

The Brit turned toward his lover. They had just finished a world meeting in Washington D.C., and England was going to spend the night at America's house. When the two caught up with each other they began to walk down the massive white marble steps. England looked up to see Italy clinging to Germany, Spain holding hands with a blushing Romano, France groping Canada, Greece glaring at Turkey, Austria scolding Prussia (why is Prussia here? -_-), Sweden sweetly holding hands with Finland, and Russia slightly stalking China. England turned to America to catch a glimpse of his face. The younger man noticed this and looked at all the couples, then back at England. He smiled, and then grabbed England and kissed him without any care in the world. Their warm breathe could be seen in the cold winter air once they parted, and America leaned over and whispered low in his lover's ear. “Tonight?”

That one word caused England's face to flush. He nodded promptly and America smiled even bigger.

Good! But I actually have to go talk with my boss for a little bit so I'll meet you at the house later okay?” The younger nation kissed England's forehead and began to walk back up the steps. “Oh and don't forget to watch the commercial! I won't be home yet, but you have to see it!” He winked and disappeared inside the building.

At around 7:00pm England turned on the telly in America's house and sat quietly in anticipation for the commercial. He had no clue what it was going to look like and he was nervous.

Across the city, the partner's of the other men in the commercial also sat in front of their hotel room TVs. They had all heard the rumors and all had their own little conclusion.

Sweat dropped down Romano's brow as he thought about it. That bastard Spain was out getting dinner for them.

Italy blushed slightly, his brother having told him what a rubber was, and wrapped himself in a blanket in front of the TV. Germany was in the shower.

Finland shook a little at the thoughts that were going through his head. He'd been having erotic dreams about Su-san lately...Su-san was out taking a walk.

Finally, the commercials. Almost in slow motion, a white screen came to the TV, and there was France...

England stared at the screen even though the commercial was already over. It was so short, but it left such a big impact on him for some reason. He shivered and shook violently. So, America had to wear it while...while doing that? The older nation had always loved the way his lover looked in a suit. Not just any suit either, an all black one with a slim black tie, like something you'd wear to look classy out on the town at night. A little drool escaped from the corner of his mouth. The images that were skyrocketing through his head were making him dizzy with excitement for America's return. After all, America had also mentioned that they got to keep the product...

Romano turned off the TV, hugged a pillow tightly, and looked up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes, blushed, and bit his lip rerunning Spain's part in the commercial over and over and over again. That bastard needed to hurry up and get back. He could forget about dinner, what Romano wanted was...

Germany came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and was suddenly attacked by Italy. The younger male had already removed a majority of his clothes and he straddled a wet and slippery Germany on the tiled bathroom floor. “Germany...” Italy's voice was erotic and wanton. Confused, the blonde attempted to sit up and push on Italy's chest to remove him, but when he touched the other's heated skin, Italy moaned softly. Germany paused and blushed madly, “I-I-Italy?” The brunette grasped the hand that was on him and slowly moved it down his chest, moaning and shivering at the feeling...

Finland watched Sweden walk into the lobby through the curtains from the window of the hotel room. He inhaled deeply, taking calming breathes, and dimmed the lights. He then proceeded to lay down on the bed and wait painfully for the other to enter through the door. Meanwhile he unbuttoned his shirt and pants and touched himself softly with Sweden in mind. Short gasps and moans escaped his mouth as he heard the door click open. “Ahh...Su-san...”

A/N: For France's phone conversation, you can copy and paste the phrases and words into
google translator. Im too lazy to write it out ;P

Here is where the interactive part plays in:
Leave comments and tell me which couple you want to get it on ;)

If your couple isn't here comment! >:D 
Also, tell me, What do you think Gatsby Moving Rubber is?

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Who's Gonna Give Gatsby? ;D

All of them you lazy author! >:D

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It's probably gonna end up being something like hair products isn't it 8D

Ah well, at least all of them will be having a great time tonight~

squee! so far this is awesome, plus i love all of the pairings. can't wait to see a second chapter. as for what gatsby is----i have no idea.

I cheated and looked it up. XD

They're going to be disappointed, aren't they?

(I wonder who's wearing Wild Shake? XD)

This is so amusing, though. I can't wait to see more~~

Spiky edge, however, sounds dangerous.

I think I'm more of a loose shuffle ginda gal xD

Sounds like a RussiaxLithuania fic, doesn't it? :P

The name of that Gatsby product - Russia would be the one to use 'Spikey' to torture his poor Liet, wouldn't he?

Hahaha that is entirely possible ;D

...Given this sounds like an american male's hair and/or body care product commercial, I'm gonna say that that's what it is. :) I mean... it's got enough innuendo in it to pass for an Axe or Old Spice commercial and both those go in that category.

Mostly this is me going "America's too conservative to have one of his citizens [even if it is in Vegas] go and say 'all you awesome looking guys, come be in my condom commercial!' " thus why i doubt it's a condom-rubber commercial.

Plus the whole fic runs of innuendo that reminds me of an Axe commercial and makes me go wtf is this shit. ;) in a good way of course.

I know what it is~ XDDDDD I have it in my hand right now lalala

omgee, their reactions were just so.. so..


can't wait for them to finally find out what it really is.. >D

dear god if I don't get to see at least A TEENY LITTLE BITTLE BIT OF FRANADA I MAY JUST IMPLODE.


Roger that! ;D I will do one for you




lol I know what Gatsby is cause they sell it here :D

Yeah Love the reactions XD can't wait to read more!

XD First it took me forever to figure out myself what kind of rubber they were thinking it was and why it would be perverted in the first place (ahaha, my American, it shows), so it's probably going to be disappoint for them. But oh well, I do want to see more anyways!

It's cement? I dunno. *tosses something out*

>w> *votes for GerIta*

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh~~~~~~~~~~~~

I love Kimura san and his gatsby ad and I love the Semes in Hetalia! Wonderful job and thanks!!!

Just can't wait to see the rest of the story, and please, can we see all of the couples in the ad???? please~~~~~~~~~~~ just can't wait to see the humour (cos I know very well of what the gatsby moving "rubber" is, probably quite different from the Ukes' expectation... \(^.^)/

I don't even like USUK but

This was EPIC. I've loved the gatsuby video ever since I first saw it a few months ago, and this fic is major win.
I freaking love you <3

(Ah, and I personally think it's just hair gel, though "moving rubber" sounds very innuendo-ish)

FFFF Since my brother uses that product (and that there's this one Japanese family drama thing that advertises the product every before and after commercials when I watch it that I remember the whole dance-song), I kinda mourn for my knowingness-ness
:D Still funny fic though XD I love how you make the product sound dirty. Yay~ Now I cant go into my bro's room Wonderful! :'D

Okay honestly IDK where you're getting with this one XDDDDD

Oh, spiky edge~ I'd pay to see Sweden using that :9

Also, it's Gatsby so why would anyone think dirty thoughts? ;D

Rubber is another word for condom ^_^ annnd since im a total gutter brained type person when I think

MOVING RUBBER in a small circular shaped fancy case with sexy men dancing across a screen, I think, that ought to be some sort of condom lol

Oh plus, at the time i had no idea what gatsby was. the don't sell it where i live. at least i haven't seen it.

I already commented on your USxUK one, so I'll just say this;

Imma terrible person, I cheated and looked it up XD *shot* I can't wait to see the reactions!

Aaaahh, but my most favorite pairing isn't listed....mrrfff. Which is GreecexJapan, btw, but I'm not gunna push that.

So I'd say.....I'm on Spamano kick right now, but I haven't read some good USUK in a while...but then again, I want to delve a little more into the SuFIn fandom, but then AGAIN, I've neglected my GerIta love.....damn...tough choice.

............SuFin. *nods* I choose that.

You could've done all XD haha

btw I have your train of thought often. USUK mood? naw Spamano...wait no SuFin! but...then again GerIta...naw Sufin! haha ill read others later.

Yeah....I guess I could've. But could YOU? Ohohohoo....yeah, all would be nice. Very nice. Specially with a bit of Franada in there....ya know, jus' sayin' ....X3

Anyway, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does that! XD

I'm guessing hair care. Ether that or acne cream (my first, but quickly discarded idea before seeing the vid clip), but they don't strike me as the kind to have that problem, though that would be funny. And I cast my vote for all.... *blush*

THIS IS SO EFFING AMUSING. XDDD (i cheated and looked it up too. xD before i did that, i was thinking along the lines of what the ukes were thinking though XP)
can't wait to read all the pairings!!! XDDD

You just made my day---
wait let me rephrase that: YOU JUST MADE MY LIFE!!!!!

I'm hoping for ALL OF THEM. But, if I would have to choose one pairing, it'd have to be Sweden/Finland. :3 (my second OTP. Sealand/Latvia is my number one OTP. Don't look at me like that... >__> )

You are an amazing writer!!!! *_* I LOVE YOU!!!!

I live in Asia so I naturally knew what Gatsby was-Lol.

Sufin!!! please!! I was very turned on by Swedens little 'swing' xP in the vid

and to conclude..

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII can give you gaaaaaaaaaaaa-tsu-beeeeeeeeeeee~

RIIIGHT!?!?!? Sweden's moonwalk...;_; so sexy *drooooooooooool*

Same, haha. What it is came naturally, thoouggh I wonder what people who don't know what it is think about it?

Spamano and SuFin tied! :O haha <3 much love from this side of the computer screen

What a fun, creative way to publishing online fanfiction!! :DD hehe wow, this is cool, lmao it's too much fun XDDD Loved all the media-attachments <3 I just found how incorregibly sexy Russia is in a suit <3

I vote SpaRoma of course o3o although I do like SuFin....and wet!GerIta is very very tempting...


And oh, Japan. I hope you'll make your cameo wtf-ing the whole situation xDDD I can't find France's conversation though, did you make sure you wrote it here? o.o

Thanks for sharing!! :D

haha late comment, sorry


♪ I.... can give you gatsby.......gatsby......gatsby......♪ (damn you made that stuck in my head again)

This. fic. so. loaded. with. sexyness. I. swear! *nosebleeds*

Is Gatsby's purpose really that obscure though?

OK as for pairings, I'd like all of the ones at the top, buuuut I like being selfish, so could I request some Franada and Prussia/Austria? :D<-- I'd offer my soul up to you if you were to go both.

I so know what that is, because I'm THAT awesome. (hairhairhairholdingPOWAA)

「GATSBY STYLING DANCE CONTEST 2010-2011」 <--haha make'em dance!

...and as sexy as 木村 拓哉 may be, the hetalia version will ALWAYS make me shiver... :D

(Ok, so I kind of cheated, because I'm Japanese~ But I'm part Taiwanese too, hahahha...)

Oh, as a side question, have you ever seen the Gatsby site?

Re: haha late comment, sorry

I have seen the Gatsby site. Haha. Oh and I am doing FrancexCanada as for PrussiaxAustria, I will GLADLY do it. haha <3 can't wait

<3 much love from this side of the computer,

Re: haha late comment, sorry

It's really... Funny isn't it? XD. Thanks~! *claps hair*

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