June 13th, 2010


[FanFic] Eagle Wing at Dover: Chapter One

Title: Eagle Wing at Dover
Author: ninjasneaky
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: Alfred, Arthur, Ludwig, Feliciano + Others
Pairing: Mainly AlfredxArthur + some minor LudwigxFeliciano
Rating: NC-17
Warning: AU, Romance, Humor, Drama, War Story, and It's got kind of a deep concept. I tried to be as historically accurate as possible but some things I had to change for the sake of the story. I probably spent more time looking up things about WWII then writing >.<;
Summary: December 17, 1941, ten days after the attack on Pearl Harbor which officially brings the United States into the war. An American and an Englishman head out for duty. At first, they fight for their country, that much is for sure, but there are new things they will learn about war, romance, and the so called enemy that will change them completely.


Chapter One: Called to Duty

     Alfred Jones, born and raised in the great USA. Since he was boy, flying was his passion, and now he was finally going to put it to use. It was the middle of World War II and his beloved country had been hit hard and good in Hawaii not but ten days ago. Somehow lady luck had been on his side because he had been called to Washington two days before the bombing. Still, many of his closest friends died that day, and he was determined to get out there and fight as quickly as possible. The reason for him being called was a particularly interesting one too. Apparently his superior had put in a really good word for him because his superior's superior's superior was the one who had requested him, and what he wanted was for Alfred to bring a platoon of men to England, where they would fight side by side with the Brits. The reason this was so important was because they would be the first to go and support their brother nation, and the government wanted to make a good impression by sending it's best men. Not only that, but the man Alfred spoke to had told him that if America sent some strong pilots, it might boost morale for the soldiers already there. Even though Alfred already knew his answer, he was given a night to think on it. The next morning he was boarding a colossal aircraft carrier with nine other men headed eastward across the Atlantic toward the United Kingdom of Great Britain. As the massive iron vessel moved away from the dock, Alfred gave one good salute towards his nation and bid it farewell.

     Arthur Kirkland was a proud citizen of the United Kingdom, knighted by the Queen of England herself not too long ago for absolute loyalty to the state, and also because of his long lineage having done military service. Some might consider him rather rigid, but he liked to think of it as obedient. At this moment, Arthur was happy. He was finally being sent off to fight in the war like generations of his family before him. He sipped his tea and sighed quietly to himself. Why it took them so long to enroll him was beyond him, but all he knew now was that he was going to show the Axis powers what he was made of. When he finished his tea, he put his cup and saucer away and took one last look at his house before exiting with nothing but his uniform and a suitcase. He made his way to the train station and boarded the 11:30 train to Dover where he and other Brits would join with American pilots in training. When he arrived, he was greeted by a Warrant Officer and led to what he assumed was the admissions building. It was big and dark green compared to the rest of the small beige colored ones. A secretary told him to wait in the the room farthest down the hall and to the right. The door read Marshall so and so. Arthur politely knocked before entering, and once he realized the office was empty, set his bag down and sat in the single chair across from a wooden desk he assumed was the Marshall's. Arthur looked around at all the medals and awards. He wasn't in awe though, he had room just like it at home. Patiently he sat and waited.

     Alfred walked down the ramp and stretched. “Dover, England huh?” He took a deep breath to unwind a little and gazed at the scenery appreciatively. It may have been one hell of a long ways, but the trip was surprisingly quick. This could also be said about Alfred's attention span because within seconds he was in one of the jeeps, the driver's seat mind you, that came to pick them up bouncing like a child who had received a new toy. “Let's go! let's go!” he chirped excitedly. His other fellow American teammates whom he had gotten to know well on the trip sighed and shook their heads. One of them asked how on earth they were supposed to get there when he didn't even know the way. Alfred pouted and gave in. A few of his crew laughed while they all hopped aboard. The British officer who was their escort cried a little on the inside as he drove them toward the base, not understanding how a bunch of idiot go lucky Americans were going to help at all. When they got there, all of the squad except for Alfred, who was brought to a different strange dark green colored building, was led to the resting quarters. As Alfred walked inside, he was greeted by a receptionist and told to go all the way down the hallway and enter the last door on the right. He winked at her earning a blush and made his way down the hall skipping happily. When he got to the last door on the right he didn't bother to read it or even knock, he simply entered.

     Arthur jumped at the loud entrance of a tall well built man with dirty blonde, rather disheveled, hair and beautiful ocean blue eyes framed by a pair of rectangular glasses. Had he not had the stupidest grin on his face Arthur might have considered him...handsome. At first he thought that because of they way the man had entered so casually it was the Marshall, but the tan uniform and the American flag stitched boldly onto the man's bomber jacket clearly said to him, 'I am not a British soldier, in fact, I'm an American.' Arthur frowned, first, at the other's rudeness and second, because it dawned on him that he would be working with this man for longer than he cared to think about.

     When Alfred got into the room, he was surprised to find someone already sitting in the guest chair. The man was half turned toward him and staring in bewilderment with a pair of impossibly gorgeous emerald green eyes. He was a smaller man with blonde shaggy hair that can be considered well kept. In fact, Alfred who had barely known this man for ten seconds, thought it suited him quite well. It made him cuter than he already was.

     “I think I'm in love.”--”Who the bloody hell are you?” both spoke at once. Arthur paused, “What?” Alfred grinned cheekily and put both hands behind his head. “Ohhh nothing~.” The Brit stared suspiciously, cleared his throat, and politely stood to face the other. “Again, who are you?”

     “Alfred Jones, nice t'meet ya!” he said cheerfully extending his hand. Ooohh his British accent is sexy~! Arthur scoffed slightly and shook hands with the other. “Arthur Kirkland.” At this moment the Marshall came in through his door causing both men to jump slightly in surprise. They both saluted immediately. “Well, it's nice to see that you gentlemen have already met each other.” He walked past the two soldiers behind his desk and sat, beckoning them over. Both went and realizing that there was only one chair, moved it aside, and proceeded to stand in front of the desk. “My name is unimportant because you will be referring to me as sir for your entire duration at this base, am I understood?”

     “Yes, sir.” they said in unison.

     “Now, I understand that you are both Group Captains.”

     “Yes, sir.”

     “As of today your groups are going to be combined and you will work together to lead your men into battle. It's a bloody mess out there and we need strong leaders like you to guide the Allies to victory. Starting tomorrow morning at 0500 sharp you'll be training with your platoon. I expect teamwork and excellent behavior from both of you. Any shenanigans and I assure you that your lives and the lives of your men once you hit the battle field will be short. As team captains I suggest you room together. The stronger the bond the stronger the team. High Tea starts at 1800 in the mess hall, don't be late. Dismissed.”

     “Yes, sir!”

     They both left the office together with their belongings and walked toward the barracks, luckily for Arthur, in silence. But, that luck was short lived because the deafening pitch of silence was too much for the young American. “I can't believe they're only giving us tea not dinner. What a bunch of crap huh?” The Englishman groaned. “High Tea is dinner you bloody git.”


AN: Sorry it's kind of short. I wanted it to be like an introduction to ease people into it without a cliffhanger first ya know? Leave comment please! :) It's always nice and it helps me write more. Oh and 0500 = 5:00am and 1800 = 6:00pm just in case ya'll don't know military time ^_^