June 17th, 2010


[FanFic] I Can Give You Gatsby: SuFin scene

Title: I Can Give You Gatsby
Author: Ninjasneaky <3
Characters: America, France, Greece, Russia, Austria, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, England, Canada, China, Prussia, Italy, Romano, Finland
AmericaxEngland, ItalyxGermany, SpainxRomano, SwedenxFinland, and you can choose others. Read to understand.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex <3, Perverted theme, vibrating condom?, LOTS of humor, some romance and fluff here and there, pics and video included! :)
Summary: All the ukes of the nations sat and watched the new commercial in utter amazement. What was this Gatsby Moving Rubber? If you looked closely enough, a tiny bit of drool escaped all of their mouths on the left side. Dazed and hearts beating, they fidgeted just thinking about the next time they would meet their partners.

So, pretty much I'll be writing for all the pairings, but since USxUK won most votes, I'm posting them first followed by GermanyxItaly, SwedenxFinland, SpainxRomano, FrancexCanada, etc.

(Sweden gives Finland Gatsby! <3)

     Finland watched Sweden walk into the lobby through the curtains from the window of the hotel room. He inhaled deeply, taking calming breathes, and dimmed the lights. He then proceeded to lay down on the bed and wait painfully for the other to enter through the door. Meanwhile he unbuttoned his shirt and pants and touched himself softly with Sweden in mind. Short gasps and moans escaped his mouth as he heard the door click open. “Ahh...Su-san...”
     Sweden watched for a moment as Finland brought out his length and stroked it staring at him with bedroom eyes. The blonde's mouth was open, his cheeks red, and delicious noises filled the room. Sweden then calmly closed the door and stood at the end of the bed staring down at the lewd scene created by the writhing sex monster below him. The smaller nation stopped to play with his own nipples. He then slipped off his pants more and positioned himself to give Sweden a better view before beginning to finger himself at the same time. After rubbing and circling it, he slipped a slender digit into his opening. Sweden's facial expression was dangerous as Finland's hips began to move in sync with his finger thrusts. He screwed his eyes shut and mewled a 'Su-san'.

     “Fin...” Sweden crawled onto the bed over his beloved licking his lips and drank up the image with his eyes, sending it straight to his nether regions. Finland brought him down into a heated kiss, sliding his tongue into the other's mouth and all across his teeth. The blonde ended it by suckling on Sweden's lower lip and giving it one last nibble. The taller nation viciously bit his neck and lapped up the blood with his tongue. Never in his life had he wanted to ravage the other nation this much.

     Sweden pulled out Finland's finger and licked it. He then moved straight down to the hole itself, delving his tongue inside. His nose brushed against the other's balls lightly. Fin's head slammed back into the mattress and he moaned loudly, “W-Wha--? Nnn~” In and out the slick muscle violated the blonde. Sweden removed himself from the other and removed his pants completely. He then turned the smaller nation over onto his stomach and lifted his hips.

     Finland looked over his shoulder to see what his lover was doing and saw the other nation's jacket and shirt being removed. Then his eyes widened as Sweden spread his butt cheeks and shoved his tongue inside once more. The blonde bit down on his hand moaning, drool falling onto the bedsheets at the same time. This time, not only did he feel the tongue, but a finger was inserted as well. It moved around inside of him feeling every inch. Finland's breathing became sporadic once the finger had brushed over his prostate.

     Sweden, noticing this, began to use his left hand to simultaneously pump the blonde's erection while rubbing that spot nonstop. He removed his tongue and licked up the crack and along Finland's spine. The blonde twitched in the Swede's hands and voiced himself uncontrollably. “I-I can't--!!!” he cried, but Sweden then grasped the base of his member to stop him from cumming. “Not yet.” He said deeply into the other's ear. A tear slipped from Finland's eye, “S-Su-san...why?”

     He got no response, only a thumb rubbing the tip of his erection. “So—m-mean! Su-san~” The taller nation kissed the other's neck lovingly and removed his finger from Finland's hole. He used that hand to unbutton his pants and slip down his boxers. He then flipped Finland over and used his tie to restrict the blonde's hands. He also used Finland's tie as a cock ring to continue to stop him from cumming. The blonde wiggled helplessly under his lover. “I don't understand...Su-san?”

     The taller nation kissed his lover passionately before thrusting himself inside. Finland's head slammed against the headboard and he cried in agony, unable to cum. Sweden hit the blonde's prostate on the first thrust and moved his hips in a steady rhythm. He then leaned down and sucked lightly on the hard and sensitive left nipple of his lover. Finland slipped Sweden's head through his tied wrists and pull him up into a kiss. When they parted, he kept his face close. “Please..hah..hah..Let me come. Su-san, please let be come!” he panted. With a final thrust Sweden came inside the blonde and released his throbbing member making Finland cum right after. The tall nation then untied Finland's hands before collapsing on top of him.

     Once he came out of his daze, Sweden looked down at his beloved. “Fin? You okay?” The young nation drooled little. “Su-san, you're so sexy in bed. We didn't even need the Gatsby.” he said kind of out of it. Su-san looked at him quizzically. “Gatsby?”The blonde smiled, “Yeah. The Gatsby Moving Rubber.” The taller nation blushed, “Fin..I d'nt think i's what you th'nk it is.” but the other nation dozed off into a heavy sleep smiling innocently. Oh well, so long as m'wife dun care, Sweden thought. He pulled the covers over them, pulling Finland close and fell asleep.

A/N: I'm digin this sexy Su-san. I believe he has this side to him and that Finland is so taken care of during the day, that he loves the Su-san in bed because he's super assertive <333 oh and I liked to leave Fin clueless...cuz that's just what he is. haha.

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