ninjasneaky (ninjasneaky) wrote,

Icon Splurge

     I can officially say that Hetalia made me love the world a lot more than I did. I thought all humans were pigs and that the apocalypse couldn't come sooner. But when I think of Hetalia, I think of the culture of people and it makes me happy. For example, I actually have pride for the United States now, because of America. He makes me think of what we are down to the very roots of it and it makes me think, "well I guess this country isn't that bad." Haha. So yeah, Thanks for Hetalia. The UN should watch it. I wonder what they'd think. Anyways, I went on a splurge for icons :D I'm going to share some of my favs cuz I can't upload them all on here unfortunately. I hope you like them. This whole heart idea is super cute in my opinion. <33333


And Thus, I love the world :D

                  The Queen
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