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[FanFic] I Can Give You Gatsby: USxUK scene

Title: I Can Give You Gatsby
Author: Ninjasneaky <3
Characters: America, France, Greece, Russia, Austria, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, England, Canada, China, Prussia, Italy, Romano, Finland
AmericaxEngland, ItalyxGermany, SpainxRomano, SwedenxFinland, and you can choose others. Read to understand.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex <3, Perverted theme, vibrating condom?, LOTS of humor, some romance and fluff here and there, pics and video included! :)
Summary: All the ukes of the nations sat and watched the new commercial in utter amazement. What was this Gatsby Moving Rubber? If you looked closely enough, a tiny bit of drool escaped all of their mouths on the left side. Dazed and hearts beating, they fidgeted just thinking about the next time they would meet their partners.

So, pretty much I'll be writing for all the pairings, but since USxUK won most votes, I'm posting them first followed by GermanyxItaly, SwedenxFinland, SpainxRomano, FrancexCanada, etc.

(First up xD, America gives England Gatsby! <3)

     England shut off the telly and whipped his head around as he watched his lover walk through the front door keys in mouth, paperwork in hand. Those are definitely going to get in the way. England shot up and walked over to him, snatching the keys from his mouth and yanking his tie down. He purred against America's lips,“Welcome home love.”

      America dropped his papers and opened his mouth to speak, but it was soon occupied by a pair of hungry English lips. The Brit casually ran his left hand through his lover's hair and used his right one to loosen and remove the Armani tie. Meanwhile, America's hands were busy pulling England's neatly tucked dress shirt from out of his pants, and running his hands sensually up the other's waist and back. Their lips parted, and a string of saliva dripped onto England's chin as he gazed up at the taller nation. America leaned down and lapped at it while chuckling softly. “What's gotten into you?”

      A little peeved at how slow their pace was, England dragged America to the couch in the living room and straddled him. He slowly stripped off his tie and shirt giving the younger nation a bit of a show. He could just feel America's eyes roaming all up and down his body making him even more turned on. England smirked as America sat up and pulled him close. “Nnn..”

      Within seconds America's mouth was toying with the Brit's right nipple, his left was being rolled between needy fingers. England arched his back a little more to give his lover better access and tangled his fingers into the other's hair. The young nation nipped and nibbled at every inch of skin. His hands fumbled with England's pants and he undid them revealing an hard member. For a moment, he stopped his ministrations to take a good look. England's heavy panting egged him on and he put both hands on the Brit's hips and brought him down. England hissed and moaned as America ground there hips together. The other's remaining clothes were beginning to piss England off. England paused his lover and undid his pants releasing the other's hard on to the chilly air. The minute this was accomplished America slid England's pants off completely, leaving him stark naked, and forced their hips together once more. Skin on skin contact. England groaned,”You and your bloody foreplay—ha~”

      Eventually all of their clothes came off and America was hovering over England's sweat streaked body. “I didn't think you wanted it this bad,” he laughed and moved down to lick at his lovers throbbing erection,“Not that I'm complaining at all.” One good stroke with his tongue from base to tip left England gasping for breathe. “You just hah...looked so good nnn...” England's head pressed back into the couch's arm rest as America took more and more of him into his mouth, “In the commercial...Ah!” America hummed and licked and sucked, but he stopped there and released his lover from his mouth. England groaned slightly in dissatisfaction and looked down at the other. “So where is it?” he asked eagerly.

      America looked at him a little confused so England sat up. “The product...from the commercial. You said they let you take one didn't you?” America then sat up too. “Well yeah, but, why?” England wrapped his arms around America's neck and kissed him deeply. Then he pulled away slightly. “I want you to use it tonight. I'll even ride you.” he said in a sexy and playful voice. He then bit at America's ear which was one of his weak spots. “Mmm, it's upstairs..”

      With that England pulled them up and they kissed and touched their way up the stairs and into the bedroom. America landed on top of his lover in the soft bed, “You liked the commercial that much?” England nodded and kissed him again,“Go get it.” He wanted that thing on America and America's thing inside him right now. When his lover came back, he was holding a medium sized plastic container that said 'Air Rise' on the side and with a green cap that had a G on it. “It'll feel weird, kinda sticky, especially when it dries..” America said with an innocent look on his face. England just stared, awfully confused for the third time that week.

      “That's..Gatsby Moving Rubber?” he asked kind of weakly. America climbed over him and kissed his neck, product still in hand. “Mmm, worked well too. I used it this morning, my single fancy hair stuck up perfectly.” England was in shock. A hair product? Maybe he really was the pervy old man America used to always call him. How could he even think that the could invent a vibrating condom? That's insane! It would be fat and mechanical. Ugh, he felt dumb. But hey, he didn't really feel like ruining the mood, so he didn't tell America.

      Slowly they got back to business. “America lay down.” England said smiling. He could still make this fun. After doing what he was told, England straddled the other nation once more. America twitched when their cocks touched. The Brit took off the lid from the container and took a gracious amount in his hands. He lustfully lathered America's throbbing member with it and smiled down at the man under him. It was sticky but lubricating at the same time causing a new kind of friction that America couldn't quite describe. “God damn England. You're fucking kinky..ugh, but I seriously wouldn't want you and other way.”

      “Thank you.” England said nonchalantly. He didn't even bother to prepare himself because he wanted it so badly and then he positioned himself over his lover. As he pushed in America's erection, both of them moaned. The Gastby was crazy feeling, in a good way. England panted heavily before slamming himself down to fit the rest of America inside him. America's eyes were screwed shut, it felt that good and suddenly England was moving. Up and down, up and down. England leaned down toward America's ear, still moving. “Feel good?”

      “The hell it does England—mm” He then sat up and grabbed the blonde's waist slamming him down harder and faster. “Gah! Ame--Ahhh~!” He hit England's prostate over and over, gasps and moans filled the room. The Gatsby hair product drying as air hit it and becoming wet again from precum. With every thrust there was a small resistance and then a delicious feeling slide. “America, I'm almost—Geh...”

      “Me too.” America said between gasps. They then came and fell to the bed panting. America pulled out and and England rolled off him. “Holy crap.” They were still catching their breath. England turned his head toward his lover and chuckled, “Good product.”

A/N: Wahahaha I <3 kinky England. The next morning at breakfast England tells America what he thought Gatsby Moving Rubber was. America spits his coffee halfway across the table at this. Silence ensues, and then America speaks, "That would be pretty awesome though..."

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