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[Fanfic] I Can Give You Gatsby: GerIta scene

Title: I Can Give You Gatsby
Author: Ninjasneaky <3
Characters: America, France, Greece, Russia, Austria, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, England, Canada, China, Prussia, Italy, Romano, Finland
AmericaxEngland, ItalyxGermany, SpainxRomano, SwedenxFinland, and you can choose others. Read to understand.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex <3, Perverted theme, vibrating condom?, LOTS of humor, some romance and fluff here and there, pics and video included! :)
Summary: All the ukes of the nations sat and watched the new commercial in utter amazement. What was this Gatsby Moving Rubber? If you looked closely enough, a tiny bit of drool escaped all of their mouths on the left side. Dazed and hearts beating, they fidgeted just thinking about the next time they would meet their partners.

So, pretty much I'll be writing for all the pairings, but since USxUK won most votes, I'm posting them first followed by GermanyxItaly, SwedenxFinland, SpainxRomano, FrancexCanada, etc.

(Annnnd GerIta Scene <3 Woop! :D)

     Germany came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and was suddenly attacked by Italy. The younger male had already removed a majority of his clothes and he straddled a wet and slippery Germany on the tiled bathroom floor. “Germany...” Italy's voice was erotic and wanton. Confused, the blonde attempted to sit up and push on Italy's chest to remove him, but when he touched the other's heated skin, Italy moaned softly. Germany paused and blushed madly, “I-I-Italy?” The brunette grasped the hand that was on him and slowly moved it down his chest, moaning and shivering at the feeling...

     “Germany,” Italy began as the hand made it to Italy's waist,”Germany, I need you to touch me. Please!” The Blonde's eyebrow furrowed considerably as he contemplated how to deal with the situation, but there was an urge somewhere in his mind that told him to just do what Italy wanted. His body moved on it's own as he ran his hand back up Italy's chest and right other his sensitive nipple. Italy was squirming and panting at this, causing Germany's instincts to then take over.

     He rolled them around and pinned Italy to the floor leaving kiss mark upon kiss mark on his neck and collar bone. The brunette bucked his hips up into Germany's right leg which was positioned between Italy's legs. Feeling this, Germany gently rubbed it into the smaller boy to satisfy him. The wet floor had them sliding everywhere, so Germany lifted Italy up and leaned him against the counter top in front of the mirror.

     Italy looked through the steamy glass to see his reflection and he watched as Germany leaned over him and kissed the back of his neck. The blonde man's towel was slowly slipping off showing a toned body and his hair was disheveled and shaggy compared to it's usual neatness. The brunette then watched as Germany's hand came creeping up under him grasping his erection and pumping it with hard jerks that covered the expanse of his length. “Mmnnn...” Italy bit his lip and placed his forehead on the counter. His arms were stretched in front of him grasping at the slick marble surface as he moved his hips in rhythm with Germany.

     “Italy.” Germany's deep voice rang in his ears. “Look.” The brunette lifted his head and looked in the reflection once more. Blue eyes locked with his own and Germany's left hand came up and placed itself under Italy's chin making it so that he couldn't look away. He watched as Germany removed his hand from his throbbing erection and touched every inch of him, but it was when he inserted a finger that the brunette's eye closed shut. “Ahh!”

     “No, Italy. Open your eyes.” He did as he was told and stared dazed into the mirror, mouth open, saliva dripping down his chin and onto Germany's hand. He watched himself get finger fucked, first one, then two, then three. They stretched him wide, preparing him for something bigger. Germany licked and nibbled at his left ear,“You like that huh? You're practically sucking my fingers in.” he said low and sensually. Italy mumbled but nothing came out coherent.

     “What was that?” Germany asked playfully. Italy panted out the words a little louder,“ going to use that?” he asked excitement laced in his voice. Germany's low chuckle resonated through him. “Use what?” He asked smiling at Italy through the mirror. “T-The Gatsby.” Italy choked out. Germany looked confused so Italy elaborated more. “Nii-chan, he said that Gatsby Moving Rubber was--” Italy was stopped mid sentence by gentle hand placed over his mouth. “Romano told you that?” Germany asked.

     When Italy nodded Germany pulled open a drawer near by and showed Italy the container of hair gel through the mirror. “This is Gatsby Moving Rubber.” he said matter-of-factly. It was circular and medium sized with a blue lid on top, and the words 'Cool Wet' on the side. When Italy began to giggle, Germany sighed. He put the container down on the counter and leaned in close to Italy again, his erection pressed right on the brunette's butt. “This isn't over yet Italy.” He said maniacally.

     Italy yelped and turned red in the face. “G-Germany...” He felt Germany schemer something cold and slick inside of him before his butt cheeks were spread apart. He looked in the mirror, “Wai—Unn!~” Germany slid right into him filling him up and making him shiver. The brunette felt two hands grab his waist firmly before he felt Germany's erection slide out and slam back into him. “AHHHH!”

     His legs trembled as Germany angled himself in different directions before slamming dead on into his prostate. Italy moaned Germany's name loud and it echoed off of the bathroom walls. Having found that special spot, Germany spread Italy's legs wider and pushed him further down onto the counter. Italy's face smooshed into the marble that was now slick with his saliva. The sounds were so much louder in the bathroom and it was too much for both of them. “G-Germany..I..I can't hold it any longer.” Germany grunted in response and used a hand to grab Italy's erection. He began to pump in time with his thrusts. “N-No! If you do that I'll definitely--!!!” Italy came hard all over the tile, Germany following soon after deep inside his lover.

Germany pulled out and they slumped onto the cold floor together. When the panting ceased, he wrapped his arms around Italy. “Shower?”

A/N: Ahahha! <3 I love it when Germany talks dirty! He is suuuch a good dirty talker after all ;) Italy, you are one lucky man.

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